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Every day it seems like more things in our homes are getting smarter and allow us to operate them from our phones, tablet or computer.  But every device comes with its own app, and there is seemingly no way of getting this multitude of devices or apps to talk to each other.  Having to use a different app for every device can we overwhelming, frustrating and make the whole idea of smart homes seem just not worth the effort.  "Why are things so hard!!?!?!?!", you might ask...

Never fear, IFTTT is here!!

IFTTT - If This Then That

Enter IFTTT your one-stop place to get all your connected devices to communicate and work together from a single app. IFTTT stands for “If This, Then That”, which represents a basic conditional statement used in most program languages.  In human language that means “If This happens, Then do That thing”.

IFTTT offers a simple way to integrate your connected products with not only each other but a huge list of other services.  Want the wifi-enabled lights at your house to switch on at a certain time when you are not at home?  Wish your air conditioning would just turn on when the weather reached a certain temperature?  Want your iSmartgate enabled garage or gate to open automatically just as you pull up at your house?

All of these amazing automations and many more are right at your fingertips, with IFTTT Applets!! (an Applet is a small piece of code that can run simple commands and is the foundation of the IFTT platform)

Start doing more, easily 

Using either the IFTTT app (available on both Apple and Android devices) or website you will quickly be able to connect your favourite apps and devices, so you can do more with less hassle.  Either chose from the huge list of pre-existing applets, or start creating your own in just a few clicks.  Visit to learn more.


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