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Why would I buy an iSmartgate when I have a remote?

This is a common question we get asked about the iSmartgate unit.  And at first glance it is easy to see how someone might ponder such a thing.  Sometimes people are a little less interested in asking questions and are much more direct, for instance

“does not make any sense when you have a remote plus if you use phone in car not legal etc could go on”

Why would I need an iSmartgate?

After reading this we realised that many of you (our potential customers) could relate to this comment, and not see a point in buying a device that lets you open your garage when you already have remotes.  If you are one of these people then let me ask you a few questions,

  • Have you ever driven away from your house and can’t remember if you closed your garage?
  • Have you ever missed a package delivery because you were not home?
  • Have you ever forgotten your garage remote?

If you answered No to any of these questions, then you are correct this is not the product for you.  Thank you very much for reading this far, maybe one of our other products might interest you.  If the answer is still No then we wish you all the best. Farewell...





Oh, you are still here….?  Well, I guess that means that you answered Yes to at least one (maybe all) of the questions we asked.  In that case, I am sure you can relate to the frustration that any/all of those situations can cause.  If only there was a product that allowed you to check if your garage door was closed from anywhere, open it remotely when a package arrives (maybe see what is going on), or open it when you forget your remote….. Wait!! There is such a product it is called the iSmartgate.  It allows you to do all those things and more.  You should check it out here

How can I use iSmartgate while driving?

The second and very valid, point this person made was that,

 “...if you use phone in car not legal...”

They are 1000% correct here, it is illegal to operate your phone while in control of a moving vehicle, and we would not for a second suggest that you violate this law.  “So how do I open my garage using the iSmartgate and my phone?” I hear you ask.  The simplest answer is, you pull into your driveway, stop, take out your phone and open your garage.  “But I have a remote for that”, you say and we are back to point 1. (sigh)  

What if your garage could sense when you were nearly home and open automatically as you pulled into your driveway?  “My house isn’t that smart, that must be science fiction!” or “Complete fantasy!” I hear you say.  Let me assure you that this is possible, easy to set up and completely FREE!!  Using the incredibly simple and powerful If This Then That (or IFTTT for short) application, you can create this functionality very easily.  "WTF is IFTTT you ask?"  We have an article explaining that right here.

Is iSmartgate right for me?

Finally, the person says,

“...etc could go on”

As could we, but ultimately it is a matter of personal preference.  Some people like to use fans instead of air conditioning.  Others prefer riding a bike as opposed to driving a car, and there many people who still prefer reading a book over 4K Ultra HD.  None of these is right or wrong, it is simply a matter of personal choice.  If you would like to make your existing garage simply smarter and make your life a little easier then there is no better product on the market then the iSmartgate.  Easy to install, simple to use and with a great list of features that we think you would find useful.


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